Many people are hurting because of an act of violence committed against them.  Anyone – men, women, and children may be affected by violence.  Our children are subjected to neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Research shows as many as 1 in 4 girls will be victims of sexual abuse by the time they are 18-years-old. For boys, the number is 1 in 6. Often the abuse is a “family secret” passed from one generation to another.

There is hope and restoration at the Advocacy Center.The Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children began in 1976 as the Waco Rape Crisis Center. It has grown into an umbrella agency with three programs, the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC),
The Victims Center, and Prevention and Education
 – offering many services to the hurting in our community.\


Over the past year the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children has:

Conducted 569 developmentally sensitive and legally sound forensic interviews for children ages 2-17
Responded to 386 crisis hotline calls
Performed 190 sexual assault medical exams of children and adults in the Central Texas region
Provided direct counseling and advocacy services to 490 primary and secondary victims of crime
Presented 630 prevention related programs to more than 14,410 community members


2015-2016 Advocacy Center Board of Directors

Taina Maya – President Jamie Goble – Vice President Beth Badeaux- Secretary David Dumas – Treasurer
Danika Morefield Angelia Orr Bricker Bruner John Kolinek
Natalie Morphew Robert Lanning Abel Reyna Kathy Weishuhn
Joseph Scaramucci Richard Wallace Morgan Wiatrek William Roy DeFriend


Our Staff

Staff Member Title Email Extension
Barbara Wright Executive Director x110
Della Hodge Administrative Assistant x111
Dr. Kerry Burkley CAC Program Director x101
Melissa Yeilding Forensic Interviewer x105
Kristi Skains Forensic Interviewer
Judy Chambers CAC Victim Services Specialist
Heydi Vasquez Forensic Interviewer x100
Dr. Soo Battle Child Sexual Abuse Examiner
Dr. Ann Sims Medical Advisor x123
Michelle Davis Victims Center Clinical Director x115
Patsy Buckner Case Manager Coordinator x114
Shanta Williams Family/Sexual Advocate x121
Brandi Castillo Sexual Assault Advocate x103
Sam Stanley Sexual Assault Advocate
Samantha Simpson Sexual Assault Advocate
Chad Harrod Intake Specialist
Laura Downing Client Service Specialist/Case Manager
Doug Cummins Therapist x116
Colby Walters Therapist x120
Kasey Shaw Counselor x141
Aliegh Ascherl Primary Prevention Coordinator x118
Michele Davis SANE Coordinator
Nikki Rhea Marketing and Development
Sarah Hopping Prevention and Education
Lucila Limones Prevention and Education
Carolyn Pierce Grants Manager